<aside> ⏪ This was originally titled “Got Bugs”, but we changed the project to “Has Replay” to focus on GitHub issues that have a Replay reproduction.



This project is to build out the [gotbugs.io](<http://gotbugs.io>) app as a place for developers to find GitHub issues that have replays. There are many things we can do with this project, including:

Initially, we will keep this scoped to the /devtools repository, which currently leverages the has-replay label on issues. Over time, this could serve as a community tool for other OSS projects to solicit contributions and to celebrate bugs squashed using Replay.

Forked repository: https://github.com/ceceliacreates/gotbugs

Original: https://github.com/Replayio/gotbugs


Jason created a Figma and recorded a Loom outlining an initial design. The concept is based on the existing GitHub interface. There are some elements we won’t add right away, like a search and filter, but this gives us a starting point on how to structure and style our components.



This is my first time building out a new NextJS app and working with GraphQL from scratch, so I will likely create a lot of bugs along the way! At Replay we believe in working in public and documenting learnings, so I’ll be using this journal to identify issues encountered along the way. I will also be creating replays of bugs and to document changes, recording Loom videos, and maybe even some live debugging on stream.


Initial setup