Redux is one of the most popular frontend state management tools. Many of the world’s largest companies and newest startups are building their applications on top of it, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the browser.

In fact, Replay’s own DevTools are built on top of Redux as well. Check out this replay to see how Redux bootstraps Replay’s store and synchronizes server state.

Integrating with open source libraries and their DevTools is an integral part of our mission Make software more approachable. Replay already supports React DevTools, and we will be adding support for open source libraries such as Redux, Vue, and many more.

Mark Erikson, Redux’s primary maintainer, is joining Replay next month. As part of his role, he’ll be focusing on making Replay the number one tool for debugging Redux applications and supporting the Redux community. If you have a question, send him a replay!

Hear from Mark about his decision to join Replay.